By: alex
On: October 18, 2013

Nvizible Delivers Seamless Effects for Captain Phillips

The main challenge on Captain Phillips was maintaining continuity and authentic realism.  As it is a real-life story, it was imperative that none of the effects looked artificial and matched seamlessly with Paul Greengrass's documentary style. The film was shot with a variety of camera formats and we worked with footage recorded on 35mm, Alexa, 16mm, Canon 5D and others, often within one scene. Therefore it was important to maintain the inherent idiosyncrasies of each stock during the compositing process.
Nvizible worked with the production to achieve simple, cheap solutions to complicated problems including;
- Populating empty airfields and aircraft carriers with vehicles and activity
- Rebuilding the environment and camera animation for a skydiving sequence
- Splashdown in an entirely CG seascape
- Recreation of animated graphical overlays, sniper-sights and all screens in the seal control room
- Substantial cosmetic augmentation
All compositing was undertaken in Nuke, with our in-house Maya team providing any 3D assets required.
All graphics completed were designed in-house in After Effects by Chris Lunney and were very closely based on existing real-world screens.
VFX supervision was handled by Adam Rowland.

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