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On: May 14, 2015

All About - Matt Kasmir, VFX Supervisor

In our new All About section we will be focusing on a different Nvizzer each month to ask who, what, where, how and why VFX?

So, Matt, tell us about yourself.

I got into VFX in 1988 when no one including me had a clue what it was. I didn't choose it. A friend of my mums gave me a job at CFC (now Framestore) at 15 to keep me out of trouble.
To be honest I didn’t really like post, but enjoyed being on set and I used what I learned visually to VJ (video DJ) at raves and concerts.

After being at CFC for 5 years I tried to leave to go to Uni (i just wanted to be a student).  I was extremely fortunate as they said if I studied CG Animation at Bournemouth University they would sponsor me, so I went from 93-96 doing a BA and getting a 2:1.

At the moment I am supervising Nvizible’s work on Marv, Films’ Eddie the Eagle and last year I supervised Kingsman: The Secret Service, also for Marv as well as helping out 2D on Working Title’s Legend with our Supervisor, Adam Rowland.

2014 was a busy year and I was also involved in a small number of shots on Paddington.  This was a wonderful experience and although complex I enjoyed learning, new to me techniques, to get the shots animated. 
I have worked on many great projects so far in my career but I am most proud of my work as compositing lead for the New York sequence on King Kong.  Another project it was an honour to be involved in was Gravity.  I supervised Nhance’s work on this groundbreaking project.

Who would you most like to work with?

The person I would most like to work with is Tom Savini as it was his work on creating the zombies I grew up with, that inspired me to work in film.

What advice to you have for any bright young things wanting to get into the world of VFX?

Be flexible, as a supervisor don't try to make friends at work.  People on set hate you for taking up time shooting silver balls and clean plates. Clients hate you as they don't understand why everything takes so long. And the artists hate you for pushing them and making them work sometimes long hours.
To be a good VFX Supervisor you need 60% social skills, 30% eye and some technical knowledge. Thing is you need to make stars out the people with the technical skills. I'm lucky to have worked on most platforms and studied CGI at university so I know these skills, but it's not essential.

Matt’s top five about the working in the world of VFX:

1) You get to go on set, then realise how lucky you are to have an office job!

2) Winning awards

3) Working in Soho

4) Most of my friends and Mrs are all part of the VFX world

5) Getting the chance to work the best filmmakers in the business

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